If you’ve never been to Yoder’s Country Market in Centreville, here’s a preview of what you’ll see! We invite you to stop by and see how we’ve grown. Get yourself some donuts, cookies, freshly-baked bread, some hot wings, our famous ribs or pulled pork, or just get yourself a healthy salad at our salad bar. If you need to stock up on dry goods or groceries, you’ll find a great selection of quality foods awaiting you!

Hanging flowers at Yoder
Homemade pie at Yoder
Freshly made donuts at Yoder
Homemade pie at Yoder
Making cinnamon rolls at Yoder
Making Donuts at Yoder
Making jelly-filled donuts at Yoder
Apple Fritters at Yoder
Bismarck Donuts at Yoder
Glazed Donuts at Yoder
Cheese by the horn at Yoder
Chicken Salad
Corn and Bean Salad at Yoder
Three Bean Salad at Yoder
Potato Salad at Yoder
Red Potato Salad at Yoder
Creamy Coleslaw at Yoder
Fruit Salad at Yoder
Grape Salad at Yoder
Broccoli Cauliflower Salad at Yoder
Macaroni Salad at Yoder
Pea Salad at Yoder
Pasta Salad at Yoder
Coleslaw at Yoder
Ham Salad at Yoder
Best salad bar in St. Joseph County at Yoder
Freshly chopped fruit and veggies at Yoder
Homemade pasta and noodles at Yoder