Jon and Brenda Yoder and family

Jon and Brenda Yoder and family

Yoder’s Country Market was started when Jon and Brenda Yoder moved to St. Joe County in 2004 and decided to start a market similar to those in the eastern Mennonite communities.

The initial idea was to have a bulk food store and a meat and cheese deli counter. We also had a few prepared sandwiches and home-made salads. But the clientele of the area seemed to like the idea of fully prepared food better than buying the ingredients.

So changing the direction of the market and providing home-style products, we added more variety to our menu. Stauffer’s Bakery brought their baked items in on the weekend. We started doing BBQ in 2008 and the demand for prepared food just continued the direction of the Market.

Adding some dine-in seating and a salad bar in 2010 just complicated our space issues. So in 2012 we decided to put in a full bakery and donut shop and expand the square footage of the store. The bakery was a good addition to the market and donuts have been a great hit to say the least.

We now employ 50 full-time and part-time workers and want to continue to provide a place of great employment and customer service.

We also want to give recognition to Christ for all the blessings we experience by knowing Him and contribute our success to living and serving the community by His example.

Mission Statement

Yoder’s Country Market is committed to serving the community in a manner that exceeds your expectations in service and quality.